At its very essence Pilates is a series of exercises to rebalance the body. This is done by stretching muscles that are too tight and toning muscles that aren't strong enough. Pilates should flow, follow the breath and leave you feeling "put back together" again. I always teach to the specific client and their needs.


Equipment : 1 to 1

Everyone should have their first experience of Pilates on the equipment, even just for one session. The Pilates reformer gives you physical support and offers you a sense of the smooth, controlled movement required in Pilates. The equipment helps you to experience the deep activation of key areas in your body.



These small group classes vary from a traditional Pilates class, as they incorporate breath work and elements of yoga along with contemporary Pilates movement. Predominantly weight bearing exercise with the use of small props. Awareness of alignment and postural strength is our goal in class. Drop in, all welcome!


Private Instruction

All of the benefits of a matwork class with the added attention of 1:1 instruction. Done in your home or office these sessions can be geared around your personal goals and allow for flexibility in your schedule. Great for focussing on specifics such as injuries or pregnancy.