Yoga is the perfect escape from modern life. Rather than escaping out, yoga gives you the tools to escape into yourself. Consisting of physical practices such as asana (yoga poses), breath work, mindfulness and meditation, yoga becomes a way to integrate all of the aspects of your life, helping you to find stillness in the spin of the city.

Iā€™m passionate about teaching people how to enjoy their bodies, move with confidence and let the outside world drop away so you can find yourself. In a world where we are always asked to do more and better, yoga is a way to do less and be kinder to yourself.

Eleah Waters Yoga

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes taught with an appreciation of how the body moves well. A chance to enjoy your body, breathe and drop in. A welcoming space where you can connect your mind and body with movement and rest.

Eleah Waters Yoga

Private Instruction

A yoga class designed specifically for you. Done in your home or office these sessions can be geared around your needs and allow for flexibility in your schedule. Great for focussing on specifics such as injuries or pregnancy.